Automate your hotel workflows with a teamwork tool, Your Cloud HQ.

In minutes you plan, automate and track all daily tasks for the next 365 days.
Save time, boost productivity and dedicate your efforts to what’s important. 

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Put tasks on auto-pilot with Automation.

Task automation helps you reduce the manual handling of simple tasks with the goal of making processes more efficient and employees more productive for you to focus on what matters. 

Hotel Teams organised and connected.

Organize hotel teams and assign daily tasks. With workspaces, teams see immediately what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work should be completed.

Free Hotel Tasks Templates

Custom templates save your team time by allowing you to create template to copy for multiple workflows or processes you use all the time.   

Grab our curated list of our Free custom Hotel (SOP) standard operating procedure tasks templates to boost staff productivity, putting everything that  your hotel need in one place. 

Collaborative Internal notes for you and your team

Tired of hearing: “Nobody told me”? This is over!
Enjoy our powerful sticky notes feature for you and your team. Say goodbye to tedious communication. Try out our cloud communication method more interactive, immersive and fun.  Sign up free.

Ready to boost your hotel team productivity?

 Hotels need to focus on employee productivity, work balance, satisfaction and happiness with a powerful Internal Collaboration features to improve Internal Communications.

Automate Tasks

A task management tool that allows hoteliers to automate daily tasks to ensure all staff gets notified on time.

Hotel Chains Tech

 A multi-property tool to help you boost internal collaboration across hotel chain and across multiple teams.

Save Time

 Create team workspaces to prioritise and discuss workflows in a public or private context with complete visibility.

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