The other day we were invited to give a masterclass at HTSI. Daniela Freund contacted us, I better copy and paste her LinkedIn, because she is an exceptional woman and professional. She is a professor and researcher for the Sant Ignasi Turisme University Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. She is the standard-bearer of female Leadership. Mentor and Advisor.

That said, she calls us and asks us if we want to go and share our experience as entrepreneurs with his students. Of course we gladly accept!

I extract this summary from HTSI blog who explain it better than me. I quote verbatim:

“The winners of the TravelTech Startup Competition of B-Travel, the software company, explained their experience in a master class aimed at students of the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management.”

The founders and CEOs of the innovative company, Luz Alvarado and Joan Sanz, explained that is an internal collaboration software solution for hotels that facilitates increased productivity and collaboration between the Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management departments through the digitization and optimization of their processes.

According to its creators, “ was born in response to the lack of tools that increase productivity and communication between multiple commercial departments of independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.”

In this sense, Luz Alvarado assured that in the Spanish hospitality industry, there is 6% of staff turnover: “it is one of the sectors where it is most perceived that employees are not happy.”

From HTSI, hybrid professional profiles capable of carrying out the necessary collaboration between departments that promote

After paraphrasing this well-written article, there is little left for me to say. Thank HTSI and Daniela for the opportunity to speak in front of the new generations who will decide how they want to work and will surely ask for something very different from what we have today in the tourism industry.