El Referente, includes me as chartOk co-founder in the list “Women entrepreneurs of reference in Spain in 2020”.

Imagine my surprise when El Referente tagged me in Linkedin, including me along with an outstanding number of founding women in their list of Women entrepreneurs of reference in Spain in 2020.

With the one that is falling with the pandemic, such joy gave us energy to continue pulling miles with chartOk, many miles.

In the words of the leading media outlet within the startup and new company ecosystem in Spain:

This report is a continuation of those that we already carried out in 2016 and 2017 and through which the role of women in innovation and technology is made visible. Her projects include sectors as varied as virtual reality, health, education, agriculture or the social sector. Writing team El Referente
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On the other hand, they highlight the equality of conditions for entrepreneurship between genders. For example, they mention that, according to the:

Latest GEM World Report, which ensures that only six countries in the world have similar entrepreneurship rates between men and women. Spain leads the parity in the European environment, for the sixth consecutive year, with 9 women entrepreneurs for every 10 men, a figure that exceeds the average for Europe, where only 6 women are counted for every 10 male entrepreneurs. Writing team El Referente

Personally, I am honored to appear alongside so many outstanding professionals, exceptional women, strong, fighters, empathetic and committed to continuing to give a voice and vote to women within the business gear of the future in Spain.