Much has been said in recent months about the talent crisis in the hospitality industry. A cocktail between the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, changes in immigration in many countries and the exodus of employees to other sectors are just some of the challenges that the industry faces for 2022.

However, in all the round tables, fairs and interviews with managers of hotel groups, chains, or even independent hotels an inescapable truth always resounds, the only way to retain the employees is to make them involve with the hotel’s culture, promote the feeling of belonging In short, drive employee engagement to the highest levels.

Sometimes the complicated traditional hierarchy in the hospitality industry, information fragmentation, or communication gaps between departments makes it difficult to keep the employee engaged.

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In chartok’s founding team, having worked in and for hotels for many years, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that help department managers or hotel owners to maintain the connection with their employees.

The importance of employee engagement was one of the topics discussed by Albert Pérez, Front Office Manager of the Hotel Gallery Barcelona, one of the success stories among chartok clients. 

He said that empowering his employees at reception thanks to the fact that chartok allows them to take responsibility for their work as well as decide when and how to communicate with their colleagues or boss, has been key to increasing employee satisfaction as well as motivation.

Employee engagement is not a complex science. Quite the contrary, as Joan Sanz, founder, and CEO of chartok says:

“communicating with their teams is where department managers spend the most time of their daily journey”.

Communication is precisely the main driver of employee satisfaction.

Beyond learning to retain the employee, hoteliers have to worry about communicating effectively, empowering through information, investing in technology that increases employee productivity, implementing automation to mitigate the frictions of daily routine work that does not add value, and then employee engagement will be a natural consequence of it. 

At chartok we have developed a smart working platform that facilitates communication, boosts employee productivity and implements automation so that employee engagement is not just another task, but a result. Create your free account now.

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