To transform the hotel industry is key to responding to present and future challenges not only regarding guests, but also regarding the employees. Given the current challenges in terms of employability in the sector, we believe that the management of human talent in the hotel industry must go hand in hand with sustainability, technology and innovation.

Otherwise, we risk continuing to witness the massive flight of talent to other sectors, the isolation of employees within certain departments completely disconnected from the rest of the hotel, or the slow pace of adaptation to the changing and urgent needs of the new tourist. .

But how to transform the most innovative hotel industry through sustainability?

The kit of the matter lies in the talent, in the teams, the employees. Having their support, convincing them, involving them and motivating them to go hand in hand with the company is the only way to transform the hotel industry in a way that is sustainable over time and that benefits everyone involved.

We usually associate innovation with technology, but it has a lot to do with corporate governance, specifically with the hotel’s environmental, social and digital sustainability policies.

In the title we told you, start with the front desk. This is because this department is usually the nerve center of the hotel, most of the processes, both internal and for the guest, start, pass or finish the reception of the hotel.

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We share with you a diagram made by Maribel Esparcia Pérez, a colleague from the sector whom I personally admire a lot, where she clearly explains how to take the first steps towards innovation in sustainability starting from the front desk department.

In her Linkedin post, Maribel wondered

“What are you doing to ensure that the sustainability strategy is embedded in your hotel departments?”

And it seemed to us that this question had everything to do with transforming the hospitality industry to meet the demands of today’s talent, but also tomorrow’s, by improving employee engagement through sustainability and innovation.

Find below the scheme made by Maribel Esparcia Perez, sustainability expert and CEO of the ESHC Club. Although this representation is from the reception department, this transformation must begin with the hotel Management assigning each department the daily actions and strategies to implement to meet the objectives.

Transformar la industria hotelera sostenibilidad e innovacion

This chart is an example of how hotels can break down corporate sustainability by department. Shows the FOH overview of the different business areas that require action. It also provides an overview of environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and governance areas to consider when creating a strategy and goals. When creating their sustainability strategy and action plan, hotels should consider two broad issues: FOH operations, and the material aspects of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability.

We believe that it will be a great support to start aligning the hotel’s sustainability policies with the departments, making this transformation tangible from sustainability.

As we were saying, technology is one of the pillars to transform the hotel industry, so when you begin to outline that sustainability strategy for your reception department, we invite you to contact us or take a look at our digital and automation work tool.

We are sure that you will take great advantage of modules such as automated tasks, recurring programming, user registration without the need for email, tagging teammates from the same or other departments, creating accessible manuals for everyone from anywhere, and many tools more that will make this big step much easier and more bearable for your hotel team.

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