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ChartOk For Front Office Teams

Easily manage daily Front Desk work improving your shift Handover performance. Create task templates, share and assign pre-made tasks across departments. Handle guests requests on a single platform.

Make effective shift transfers.

Communicate across the whole hotel

Cloud communication platform to share the right message, at the right time to the right teams. Keep everyone posted about all hotel activities, external and internal events, all from one single tool.

Automation for Hotels teams

ChartOk is ready to be used. With our predefined templates and tasks, creating a new marketing project will be easy peasy. Autosave or reuse templates, tasks and more. Share them across teams, properties or coworkers.

Only care of actually increase sales

Thanks to ChartOk, free yourself from repetitive tasks. Better delegate between coworkers. Just invest your time on analyzing and improving hotel’s marketing campaigns. Get better marketing results never was easier.

Ensure Your Front Desk Is Running Smoothly

  • Set Team Goals and motivate your Hotel Front Desk.
  • Create procedures for dealing with typical daily incidences and situations.
  • Create a Front Desk diary and a calendar.  
  • Create Tasks Templates Procedures to ensure Smooth Hotel Operations. 

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