ChartOk Tools

All the tools you need to manage your hotel in a single app


The Dashboard is the main source of information of your properties.

It allows you to have a clear and clean overview of what’s going on on each hotel. See in real time the activity of your employees, pending tasks, closed events, actions that require your atention.

Easy data visualization will help you develop better business strategies and take better and more informed decisions.


Easily manage your tasks and those of your team

With Tasks you will be able to create and manage tasks, define responsibilities, establish priorities, manage due dates, and much more.

Tasks is fully integrated with the Properties Directory and the Suppliers lists, it also will automate common tasks like:

  • New Connectivities
  • Room Requests
  • Shift Handovers
  • and much more..


ChartOk includes a variety of tools to improve team communication and collaboration to achive better results.


Integrated Mail System




Train and keep your team up to date with the e-learning tools that ChartOk offers to you.

Share important Documents with your employees. Define releveant protocols, guidelines and SOPs.

Create Handbooks to quickly refresh relevant information for your team.




Easily manage your hospitality Suppliers with our incorporated directory.

Easy set up Integrations and recive relevant recomendations bassed on your current connections.

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