chartOk Services

The Tools and Services you need to boost staff productivity.

A comprehensive multi-property management system developed to give you full operations overview of 2 or more properties, perfect for chains, groups, or vacation rental managers.

  • The new multi-property teamwork and collaboration management tool for modern hotel groups and chains.
  • Maximize productivity, collaboration, and revenue with faster and better internal communication.

 Internal Communication Tools

chartok Hotel Teamwork Tool also includes a variety of extra productivity toolkits to improve your team communications and collaboration to achieve better results.


Tasks & Workflows

With our powerful task management tool you will be able to create, manage and schedule tasks, define responsibilities, establish priorities, manage due dates, and much more save them as task templates.

Tasks is fully integrated with your vendor lists, it also will automate common tasks like:

  • Daily issues and incidences
  • Shift Handovers
  • Guest and Room Requests
  • And much more

E-learning and Knowledge Sharing

Share important documents with your employees. Define relevant protocols, guidelines, and SOPs. Create Handbooks to quickly refresh relevant information for your team. 

Train and keep your team up to date with the e-learning tools that ChartOk offers to you.


 Vendor Management

Easily manage your hotel suppliers with our incorporated directory. Easy set up your vendor list and receive relevant recommendations based on your current providers and suppliers.

 File Management

 Contact Directory