Hard work pays folks! We are among the TOP 10 Finalists in the Travel & Tourism Category for the  South Summit 2020 Startup Competition.

Such a wonderful opportunity to show how we solve a key pain for hoteliers, hotels groups & chains. We will pitch virtually for thouthands of South Summit Spain 2020 assistants. Investors, other entrepreneurs, corporations, professionals, accelerators.. everybody will be there!

If you don’t know about the South Summit Startup Competition, let me tell you that’s one of the most important worldwide. In this edition 3,800 Startups participated, from 115 Countries, and in a total of 100 Finalists, Chartok.com grabbed a place in the top 10 of Travel & Tourism category.

Being one of the South Summit finalist startups gives us the opportunity to publicize our project in front of key actors of the ecosystem participate in the meeting and access corporations and investors in search of innovation and business opportunities, as well as global leaders of the ecosystem entrepreneur.

A Committee made up of recognized investors and experts in innovation, based on criteria such as the degree of innovation of the project, the investment potential it may generate, as well as its scalability or internal capacity to grow and the team of professionals that make it up chose the 100 finalists. And chartok.com is among them!

The appointment will be next October, you can see more information about the event on the Startup Spain South Summit page and here is the official announcement. 

We will be ready to show the audience “The future of hotel Internal Collaboration, introducing them to the hotel cloud workplace revolution”.