Summary of the table on the table Travel Tech Startups, moderated by Joan Sanz within the framework of the Traveltech Spirit Barcelona, el pasado 27 de febrero en Aticco Coworking de Poble Nou.

Thanks to the Mobile World Congress cancellation, yes thanks to that; Barcelona’s entrepreneurs, accelerators and startups ecosystem joined forces to celebrate a macro event, the Tech Spirit Barcelona.

In the three days that the event lasted, which took place in various locations and with an impressive number of attendees, the Travel Tech startups did not want to be left behind.

With the collaboration of excellent professionals and entrepreneurs, we held a day of knowledge, innovation, networking and synergies where Joan Sanz, our CEO and Founder, moderated the round table  “Next-Gen Traveltech”.

Next-Gen Traveltech Round Table at Traveltech Spirit Barcelona

In this section of the large program, we had a 30-minute space totally dedicated to 5 Seed and Early-stage startups.

Among them, some winners in programs such as “FUTURISME” from Barcelona Activa and also the latest edition of the CETT-UB Tourism Entrepreneurship Projects awards.

The participating startups were:

  • Circular Travels: Travel agency that calculates your footprint and helps you offset it with actions during your trip.
  • Kiploc: Security-as-a-service solution that lets you open rental apartments or other properties remotely with built-in connectivity.
  • Closer2Event: Easy to implement accommodation and destinations widget for event organizers, it can be linked or embedded in any website.
  • Sharify: Social platform for free events in cities in real time. Thousands of events and people to share them with.
  • chartOk: Process automation platform, collaboration, communication and internal management of work between hotel teams.

We also have the intervention of Celia Megías, member of the board of directors of Conector Startup Accelerator, who spoke to us about startup financing, acceleration, how to access private funds, public subsidies, and nuances of the Traveltech ecosystem in different national cities such as Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca.

Here you have the event video. We cannot wait to participate in the 2021 edition, because we are sure that this great event will be repeated!