Joan Sanz, our Founder and CEO, was interviewed within the Inturea webinar series “Plan de Choque para Turismo”. In this interesting interview directed by Laura, co-founder and CEO of Inturea Tourist Marketing Agency and Experiential Branding, whom we thank for the invitation to her successful online content program for hoteliers.

During the interview we talked about how in chartOk we help digitize hotel operations to boost sales and internal communications. In the words of the Inturea team:

We will know the Software that they develop for hotels in order to digitize their operations and facilitate hotel management. We will talk about the importance of the development of this technology to comply with the established post-COVID-19 protocols. Inturea

Here you can see the complete recording of the interview. A lively and topical debate where we were able to answer questions from the public and share highly valuable doubts, concepts and opinions with them.