Hello hoteliers who manage teams doing remote work.

Hotel managers who, for a few months, have been looking for solutions every day to improve the employee experience in the face of the new normal. We have good news, our Definitive List of Frequently Asked Questions is here! (1/2).

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In these long weeks of the pandemic, we have been able to speak with many friends, colleagues, hotel owners, and we plan to gather for you the most frequent doubts about the remote work of frontline and corporate hotel staff regarding the much desired sector’s imminent opening and recovery. We hope it helps you, and if you have any additional questions, put aside your shyness and ask us!

As a hotel or team manager, what is the first step for staff to work remotely?

As things happened at the beginning of the pandemic, it was impossible to be prepared. However, after a few months the new horizon of work in the industry has been in construction. Now is the time to equip your employees. The general management or of each department must ensure that they have full access to the resources, computer equipment, connections, software and tools, which they need to work and above all so that no one feels abandoned. Also take into account the recently published Real Decreto-ley 28/2020, of September 22nd, for remote work.

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If my work tools are not Cloud-Based, how will they connect to work?

PMS and other hotel management tools have evolved towards cloud-based in recent years, however not all hotels or hostels have cloud technology to do their daily work. In these moments of uncertainty, when probably your establishments have not yet reopened, we recommend stopping by the simplest solution. Allowing your employees to connect through tools like the VPN makes teleworking smooth. Study with your IT manager about the safest and most agile ways to connect to tools not available in the cloud.

Can the hotel reception also do remote work?

The good thing about crises is that ingenuity goes out to the field. We are seeing multiple online check-in solutions with minimal assistance from receptionists. They have even launched technologies connected to virtual kiosks to make a check-in by video call with the relocated hotel receptionists.

All other administrative tasks of the reception can be carried out remotely using some software for digital work. So why not give it a try now since you have the chance?

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Should I set a work routine or let each employee self-manage?

Experts advise holding an individual starting meeting every morning. But if you manage several teams, you can set one day a week to meet with each of them. Make sure that employees are clear that they can count on you to overcome together the barriers that isolated and self-managed work can create. Do not forget about the meetings with the team, it will be important that everyone is in the same line of work and this is difficult to achieve without doing a video conference at least once a week.

How do I monitor without creating mistrust?

In technology companies, where remote work was already common, they generally have performance tracking software pre-installed on their employees’ computers. However, perhaps it is still too early for you to get to that point. Here are some small tips to be present but give employees independence:

  • Set specific goals at the beginning of each work week and evaluate results at the end of it.
  • Establish a clear hierarchy of priorities and stages; helping you with a remote work and collaboration tool to do the follow-up.
  • Limit emails and phone calls concentrating the issues to be discussed with that person in just 1 call a day, for example.
  • Work on the agenda well in advance to avoid unforeseen events that may reduce the capacity for action and performance of workers who do not have the usual resources for daily work in the office.

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At chartOk we are constantly looking for solutions for our clients to achieve their objectives under any circumstance.

Remote work is no longer something for the future, it is here, and we must use creativity and ingenuity, as well as equip ourselves with the necessary resources to automate processes, promote productivity, collaboration and keep the teams of hotels, hostels, hotel chains empowered, hotel groups, corporations and even tourist apartments.

Remote work is for everyone, we have to win one more battle. Cheer up hoteliers!

P.S. Next week we will publish this article’s second part.