List of suggestions for the hotel team to do their work remotely (Part Two). If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

This post is written for leaders in the hospitality industry who are now working remotely.

What about the schedule?

It is advisable, at first, to keep the teams’ regular schedule as if they were going to the hotel. In this way you will continue with all the shifts covered and the workers will not lose the routine. However, telecommuting is an ideal opportunity to enhance the productivity of your staff individually. Dare to try the intensive schedule, or the results-oriented schedule with flexibility in the start and end time of the day. Your employees will thank you!

What will happen to the advantages we have for working in person such as diets, travel, etc.

This is a sensitive issue for workers and as a manager you have to treat it as such. All face-to-face benefits of employment contracts, and possibly salary benefits, are subject to change with the advent of teleworking. As a first step, counting on the fact that the workload will not be exorbitant until the industry wakes up from this lethargy, we suggest you reverse these advantages in free hours in the middle of the work week. This measure will benefit the family conciliation of your workforce but it will also make them feel recognized and valued.

How do I do individual training for operations personnel in an agile way or in any case remotely?

The first thing we must organize is the training program to make it as strategic and simple as possible. Prioritizing the new protocols, procedures and tasks that COVID-19 has brought with it. Once you have the appropriate program for each job and / or teams, you will have to work on the formats so that they are visual, digestible and easy to remember, in the case of remote it is even more essential to provide fluid learning content to your teams. Finally, find out about the distance training tools available on the market.

At chartOk, for example, we have developed a training and onboarding module that simplifies the structuring of the contents, helps you assign each material to each employee for which it is relevant and easily make available the contents, manuals, SOP (here you can take a look at some templates), procedures and courses for each of your employees individually.

Will there be opportunities to establish a mixed remote-face-to-face work system?

We believe that it is still too early to say, although they are fully compatible. There are already companies in the travel sector, especially technology, testing formats of this type where teams go to the office on certain days of the week to carry out brainstorming and co-creation processes and the rest of the days they are working on remote completing more routine tasks or that they can develop alone.

And now, What?

Inventiveness! The forecasts that the tourism and travel industry will take off again in 2021 are increasingly optimistic, and it is up to you in the management positions of hotels and hostels to take care that your employees are synchronized with the new traveler, the new technologies, in short, with this new normal that awaits us.

We wish you all the luck in the world and remember that you can count on chartOk to tackle remote work, as well as the complete internal digital transformation of your hotels and hostels.