Free Hotel Collaboration Software during and after COVID-19. If need some support in revamping your hotel, we’ve got you covered. Experience how our hotel intranet can make your Internal Collaboration better.

chartOk creates a unique Hospitality Teamwork Tool, with everything you need from your intranet – knowledge management, workflows, social networking, and more – with all of the cloud applications and data you need to get work done. Effortless teamwork and collaboration from anywhere. Get Started Now.

Why use chartOk for your Internal Collaboration?

  • Use predefined templates to help your hotel Front Office, marketing, Team Tasks, Reservations, help-desk management, and more.
  • Easily get started with your entire hotel team.
  • Bring all your teams together on one platform.
  • Gain increased work visibility across hospitality teams.
  • Save time by keeping all your handbooks and supplier details in one place.