Using a hotel Excel spreadsheet to control your hotel or hostel Group Request Proposals and Group Reservations its complex and its not aligned with a hotel digital transformation strategy.
Our hotel operations softwareĀ helpĀ hotel managersĀ have the opportunity to integrateĀ digital strategiesĀ and bringĀ digital transformationĀ more rapidly.Ā chartOk is an intuitive, easy-to-use hotel software that simplifies the RFP process.Ā 
InĀ Hotel RFP management, each side manages their own tasks.Ā Ā There are two sides in the Hotel RFP: the Buyer, any company with a minimum requirements for hotel rooms and room nights, and the Seller, the hotel.Ā If you are not related with Hotel Group RFP, you will need to know what a hotel RFP is, and what to look for when considering hotel RFP software.

Understanding your group request and clients expectations based on the RFP data you have properly stored, you can trace your sales to follow up leads for future business.Ā Keep all contacts stored in a centralized Hotel Operations Platform so your sales team is empowered to effectively track and plan present and future lead prospecting.

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