One Login, Multiple Hotels

Manage Everything in One Place!

Manage multiple hotels from one workspace, inviting existing users from other locations to collaborate on your projects, and organizing all Tasks in a simple and reliable place.


You can be a manager in one or more hotels with one login and one entry point at

  • Activity Stream
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

Do you have a proper onboarding plan?

Use chartOk to pre-board new hires effectively. The Onboarding process needs to begin as soon as you know who’s going to join your hotel team.

Improve your Hotel Employee Onboarding, developing a mechanism through which new hotel staff acquires the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members of your hotel teams

The Hotel Task Management Toolkit

Too many manual processes plague every hotel department, so task management built for hospitality managers can benefit everyone

Track issues, workflows, task and more, so you can keep your hotel frontline work on schedule

Sharing Company News

Categories and share quick status updates with multiple targets across one or multiple locations and teams

Target specific audience, from mix departments, positions and management level