Introducing your next favorite automation functionality. Welcome to the automated task templates happy world.

Imagine that, as a team manager, a good part of your daily workday is a temporary loop where you do the same task, every day at the same time and almost even in the same order.

When you run certain departments in a hotel, or group of hotels, this is normal.

If you are, for example, from the Revenue Department, you have to request and receive the update of the reports, pickups and budget every day.

As director of the hotel establishment, you must also receive a series of routine information from all the departments.

In the case of the marketing department you need to request an update on what is happening in the hotel based on your content strategy, but you also need to know that info from each single department.

Or one last example, when you are in charge of Rooms / Operations / Housekeeping, it is normal for your team to do a series of regular and standardized daily checks.

Do any of these bells ring for you?

If you feel identified with one or more of these situations, then you will be happy to know that chartOK already has the right tool for you. The functionality that will become your favorite, your best friend.

Automated task templates:

  • Create routine tasks for each department
  • Assign it to one user or as many as you want
  • Restrict it to that department only or share it between teams
  • Make it a template
  • Duplicate, reassign, share it, use it in an agile and fast way as much as you want



Using a task manager can be helpful for your team, but using collaboration software technology to sync your teams, save time, and increase productivity is the future of hotel work.

At chartOk we are ready to break the time loop in your work routine so that you can dedicate time to what really matters, making your employees happy, which in turn will make your customers happy. Try it for free, now.