Feature reveal Vol. 3 : Cloud-based news wall

Introducing your next favorite Communication functionality.

Forget the wall with notes hanging anywhere, the memos and circulars, or the old intranet, say hello to the chartOK -for all employees level- cloud based News Communication feature.

According to the study The Role of Strategic Communication in Hospitality Industry (Seyitoglu & Yuzbasioglu, Akdeniz University Faculty of Tourism, Turkey 2014) communication is considered as an important factor in tourism establishments and especially in accommodation establishments where human factor is significantly important for the constancy and regularity of the activity of workers as well as sustainability and efficiency of organizations. 

Human factor comes forth as the most important factor for the organizations in tourism sector due to its labor-intensive quality, in that context, a healthy communication is needed for people to know and understand each other better, to create better functioning organizations and to resolve problems easier (Sabuncuoğlu & Tüz, 2001; Ruck & Welch, 2012).

Source: Roman Kraft – Unsplash

It is no secret that inside the hotel the front line teams, who do not have access to a corporate email, are often the last to know any news. The effort required for operational departments managers, to maintain the their teams cohesion, is sometimes superhuman because the communication channels are not optimized. 

The chartok team has experienced this firsthand, seeing how misinformation, cross-communication and disconnection of some hotel employees take a high toll in terms of resources, time, results and customer satisfaction.

Luz Alvarado – coFounder chartok.com

For this reason, within our Team Communication Software, niched designed for the hospitality industry, we have created a news module to which all employees will have access at all times, from anywhere.

And there is more, whoever publishes the news can use our complete system of filters, levels and individual or team assignments to communicat:

  • In the right way
  • To the right people
  • At the right time
  • In just a few minutes.

If you want to try this functionality for free, we invite you to request a demo now.

We will be happy to meet you, understand your needs or barriers in terms of communication and help you solve them quickly and once and for all.

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