Feature reveal Vol. 2 : Sticky notes

Introducing your next favorite notes Notification functionality.

Welcome to the intelligent sticky notes happy world!

Let’s be honest, how many post-its or notes do you have on your desk right now? And glued to the computer screen? Or if you are working from home on the fridge or in the bathroom mirror?

The post-its are a resource from heaven or hell depending on how you look at it, we cannot deny that we have all used or use them to help us take important notes or organize our duties.

Teamwork Software productivity time saving cost reducing
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However, now that many of us are working from home, or that covid19 has forced us to take extreme security measures, it is not so easy to make a note or post-it and glu it to your co-workers’ desk.

Luckily at chartOK, which team has worked for more than 10 years in the hospitality industry, we have thought of the ideal digital resource for our Teamwork Management Software to allow you to continue using and sharing with your team quick comments, short notices, warnings , urgent tasks and everything can fit on a post-it. 

Use our sticky notes functionality to save private notices, which can only be seen by you, or public ones, and share them with anyone in any department, team or hotel you work with.

Start using them for your hotel team, today, for free.

Intelligent digital sticky notes for everyone are finally here!

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