A few months ago I had the opportunity to participate in the series of interviews with Enterprising Women organized by Smart Travel News, conducted by Anna Jiménez i Pons and Enric Lopez.

I want to share my experience, as well as take the opportunity to congratulate them, because they are doing a very interesting and essential job of promoting female models related to entrepreneurship, technology and the tourism industry that are so necessary today, but especially for the future. generations.

Let’s put a bit of context, the hospitality industry over the years has been a benchmark at the workplace level for women. According to the Global Report on Women in Tourism study carried out by the World Tourism Organization together with various collaborations, more than half of the people who work in the sector worldwide are women.

However, despite the fact that technological advances have made room for women in other trades, the definitive proof that female talent is a determining pillar is that more and more women are entrepreneurs in tourism.

Here you have my favourite quotes from the 7 interviews carried out so far, and I encourage you to continue discovering talent, strength and inspiration through leading enterprising women in the travel sector together with Anna and Enric.


mujeres emprendedoras fundadoras travel tech turismo en españa

  • Luz Alvarado – chartOk :“Show yourself, celebrate yourself. As you are, not how your family, friends or close people see you, but how you really are or even beyond: as who you would like to become”
  • Patricia González –  Alterhome : “Being more questioned than another person (comparing entrepreneurial women and men) makes you have to always try to be one step ahead; and what at first glance is seen as something unfair and negative, ends up helping you to “always stay one step ahead”
  • Laura Garrido – Ético : “For women who are considering entrepreneurship, I would advise them not to fear being wrong. Behind each project there are many errors and, thanks to those experiences, we improve every day as professionals “
  • Auxi Piñero –  VanWoow : “The biggest challenge was finding a team with the super power of the“ positive attitude ”. When you lead a startup, you realize that you won’t get anywhere on your own. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of experiences and experiences, and there are good days and not so good”
  • Cristina Moyano – Amadeus Ventures : “The executive boards or councils that present greater diversity (not only gender), by having a more accurate representation of the population, are able to integrate more points of view in their strategic approach, thus giving a better response to the challenges they have to face”
  • Laura Rampérez – Inturea : “I find it very powerful to be honest with ourselves (something that is not always easy) and at the very least, explore and experiment with what worries us. Everything we can learn from this path is positive and enriching, since there is no error or mistake in it, right?”
  • Marina Teixidor, Oasis Hunters : “In this case, I would say to all those women who want to undertake that it is better to regret what you have done than what you have not done. We are just as valid, both we and any gender identity, and we must learn to put the impostor syndrome aside”