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Digital transformation refers to how hotel group and chains and independent hotels innovate and restructure themselves to adapt to new changes empowering the operational staff to deliver great revenue results and guest services at the highest level. There are new ways to do it: 

  • Keep Work from anywhere, at any time.
  • Keep teams productivity and efficiency for every, with technology. 

We are a Digital Transformation consulting company for Hotels challenging traditionalist hoteliers to transform their hotel Internal operations and how they innovate and collaborate across multiple operation departments.

With our hospitality digital transformation approach, we encourage operations and hotel managers to go digital with the best hotel intranet practices. Transform the hotel staff experience by enabling a more flexible work style that retains the kind of talent you need to move productivity forward.

Why do you need to innovate and digitally transform your hotel operations?

It’s no longer acceptable to focus all hotel technology exclusively on the digital transformation of guest-facing technology. Why should hotel staff be relegated to using personal mobile apps or old school systems when it’s clear that providing engaging internal staff collaboration tools and experiences helps improve retention, reduce employee turnover, increase engagement, and in turn fuel employee satisfaction?

Digital Transformation starts with tools custom-built for hoteliers. You can use ChartOk Hotel Operations Software to:

  • Collaborate with your Hospitality Team
  • Optimize Internal Communication
  • Streamline Hotel Operations
  • Get Staff on board with a central Operations Tool.
  • Share updates and generate reports
  • Create Hotel projects and SOP´s templates

Our hotel collaboration software is the place to organize all your tasks and boost hospitality staff productivity. It’s a great tool to keep hospitality teams organized and working on the same projects across one or multiple properties in one or multiple locations with remote workers, desk, and nondesk employees. You can break down large projects into smaller ones, assign tasks to teams, and keep tabs on everything from their “Teams Workspace Dashboard”.

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