At Desafía San Francisco they help Spanish startups to scale faster and globally.

Desafía San FranciscoIt is an ICEX initiative that is already positioned as the # 1 accelerator without capital in SF and top 3 worldwide. After a tough selection process, we managed to enter. And what great two weeks we have expend together!

With the coordination of María Lorenzo and Christian Prada, the 11 selected startups had access to a program loaded with learning, renowned mentors in Silicon Valley, success stories, strategy, finances, legal matters, scalability, projection, support for internationalization by of the ICEX.

In this edition of Desafía San Francisco, we were fortunate to share experiences and mutual learnings with:

Chartok participa en Desafia San Francisco 2020

The Program consisted of two weeks of workshops taught electronically. We had the opportunity to interact with experts in investment, law, public speaking, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy, as well as successful Spanish entrepreneurs. The founders participated in workshops, meetings and activities that not only inspired us, but also helped us to assess the current strategic position of the company, draw improvements to accelerate growth, define a roadmap based on strategic and tactical considerations and, by Finally, start working on it. The initiative also has an optional and voluntary week in San Francisco during the second half of 2020 (depending on how the crisis evolves) and focused on face-to-face meetings if the situation and the number of interested parties allow it. If all goes well, we will tell you about our meetings with VC’s in Silicon Valley 🙂