A few days ago Albert Pérez, Front Office Manager of the Hotel Gallery Barcelona, ​​and chartok client, shared his experience with our tool with Juan Daniel, CEO of Smart Travel News, in the YOUTalks podcast sponsored by YOUNIVERSE by Only YOU.

We can summarize the entire interview in one sentence “the truth is that I am delighted to date”, but we are going to let Albert tell you in his own words.

Before talking about how much we have enjoyed listening to Albert explain one of our strongest success stories, we would like to thank him for choosing us, for his commitment to our technology and the hundreds of suggestions, improvements and adjustments that thanks to him, as well as to your team. We introduce it to chartOk every week.

From the beginning of the podcast, he perfectly defined the main purpose of chartok. He pointed out that our platform

“It allows you to have an automation, a task management, a better communication that in the end are the weak points in a hotel reception”

But what precisely was Albert looking for when he found chartok?

If we can summarize it in one sentence, it would be “now we know where everything is.” Then he explained

“I was looking to centralize everything, also minimize calls, emails… At reception you have inputs from various sides, the information is scattered. He also had the objective of reducing calls and emails, making the information more collected and accessible to everyone. Reduce the time spent on bureaucratic tasks and save the information that was not lost “

Although we have been working together for only six months, we have to say that the Gallery’s front-desk team has adopted the technology with impressive speed, and as Albert says “we are using it in reception and the next step is to implement it throughout the hotel, with the rest of hotels and in central, etc. “

But now for the best part. When we really hear directly from our clients what is important to them, and how thanks to chartok they are achieving it. I let Albert from the Hotel Gallery Barcelona explain it to you:

No more fragmented, scattered or lost information.

“Before, information could be lost, what it cost me as a reception manager to effectively get the information to the team, reviewing procedures that to date were in emails or Excel that we had to look for, was very difficult. Especially for me the main thing is that now everything is registered “

The use of Whatsapp is over, respecting the private life of the employee. The reception shift book is deleted. Calls and emails are reduced.

“We are dispensing with the shift book or excel, we have reduced the time to locate information and those who have written it, now with chartok we know where everything is, tasks can be assigned to specific receptionists, or between them, it is time saved that they can dedicate to the client and value it.

“The volume of calls between colleagues, separating personal life from work, protection of employee data (we avoid using WhatsApp), chartok gives us the option of without having corporate email to reduce emails and calls. In the end the employees, because they want to, connect from home because they see that it is easy to use, but we respect their private life.”

A satisfied, motivated and empowered front desk team.

“Chartok has been well received with the team, I see them wanting to use it more. They feel empowered because they have a unique and own access, that with the common receiving email cannot be achieved “

“The information pass until now was very global, now they can assign tasks to each other, with me or with any other department head, each one has more responsibilities regarding the tasks they have to do. They see it on a day-to-day basis, and they can dedicate more time to what motivates them, which is serving the customer. “

Automation at the front desk is the way. In the digitization race, hotels that start earlier have the upper hand.

“Front desk automation is the most interesting thing for the future, finding the common ground between technology and the human factor. Automate repetitive tasks so that the receptionist puts that human touch, which makes them happy, and which allows to give a differentiating fact for the client “

“I am in favor of the fact that technology should not be seen as an expense, but rather as an investment. During the pandemic, we were looking for a new form of business to be able to remain open and we needed the tools, such as chartok, that would allow us to make those ideas come true.

Everything is changing very fast, in the digitization race the sooner we start it the better.”

You can listen to the full interview here. We want to thank Juan Daniel, and the entire SmartTravelNews team, for this interview and giving a voice to automation, to the future of work in the hotel industry, within their YOUtalks by YOUNIVERSE space.