If you have just arrived, we invite you to catch up on this series of blog posts from chartok: Hotel collaboration software that automates tasks, reduces operations costs and communication errors!

In the first, we talk about the values of digital collaboration for organizations. And then we went to work to land these benefits using collaboration software for the hospitality industry.

Those of us who make up the chartOK team have spent the last 15 years working with and for hotels, understanding from within what the industry is like, and most importantly, identifying those points of friction between employees of hotel establishments. We have seen that at a fundamental and structural level, collaboration software, or hotel collaboration software, helps above all to improve the day-to-day parts of the hotel related to communication, teamwork, process monitoring and even the incorporation of new staff.

software de colaboraciĆ³n hotelero para transformaciĆ³n digital

Source : Unspash Fab Lentz

Now let’s move on to the most strategic part. Here are some examples of how a hotel collaboration software can help reinforce the daily operations but also the future of the hotel, group or hotel chain.

At a strategic level:

  • Adjustments in the flow of information and processes, increases the knowledge, creative capacity and innovation of the teams.
    • You can have the bellboy or guest service team proposing new services based on new information received from other departments.
  • The value of the results improves, since everyone who works within the hotel spends less time on ā€œputting out firesā€ or routine tasks, and focuses more on activities that add value to themselves and to the clients.
    • Planning, automation and agility in workflows is essential to free up time for customers.
  • When all teams participate in the conversation, the sense of belonging increases, therefore the corporate culture is strengthened.
    • Front-line teams such as reception or governance will no longer be ā€œthe last to knowā€ about major changes and events.
  • Optimizing information, workflow and streamlining processes allows you to improve results with fewer resources.
    • With effective shift transfers, you free up the reception team to effectively dedicate themselves to serving the needs of their guests.
  • Having a deep knowledge of the company, its teams and the day-to-day life helps to react to unknown scenarios, such as the one we are living with covid19, and make the right decisions.
    • You can achieve this by providing department managers with a digital tool, where they can monitor processes, people, collaborators, documents, projects, processes, events, in summary of everything that happens in the organization in real time and from one place.

The three fundamental steps to undertake internal digital transformation with hotel collaboration software are:

  • Understand the needs
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Implement technology with meaning from knowledge and align the project with the objectives of the company.

If you need help to digitize your hotel and your equipment, contact us!