In the first installment of this chartok blog post, we reviewed the values and benefits of collaboration software for teams in the hotel, you can check it here.

And as we have promised, in this second part we will try to translate the benefits of digital collaboration to the reality of a hotel, group or hotel chain.

Taking as reference the three levels of value of digital collaboration, we will illustrate with examples how a Collaboration Software improves the day-to-day of the hotel in the first two levels.

software de colaboración para los equipos en el hotel

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At a fundamental level:

  • You will have all the teams from different departments connected in one place, with different levels of access, tools, documents and tasks.
  • In the case of a group or chain, we add the layer of the different properties, you can connect all the hotels and in turn all the equipment in the hotel, on a single platform.
  • You will communicate both at an organizational and private level with the staff, when you want, as you want and from where you want.
  • Making everyone’s work visible will help you increase the level of general knowledge of your hotel or hotels.
    • In other words, when a hotel launches a marketing campaign, the rest can learn from it.
    • Or, when the Housekeeping department implements new processes, Front Office will automatically be aware of everything and can act accordingly.

At a structural level:

  • Sharing projects and workflows with those who correspond in the same team and hotel streamlines processes by improving results.
    • For example, the relationship between the revenue, reservations and reception departments improves considerably when, through collaboration software, emails and phone calls are reduced, while all the information, contacts, or details are in one place, accessible to everyone.
  • Communication usually only goes in two directions, this changes when with a collaboration each individual in the organization can participate in the conversations.
    • For example, the best source of ideas, improvements or changes in departments such as restaurants or room service comes from the kitchen and living room staff. And only first-hand, by talking with those teams, will you be able to know what improvements they need.
  • Many things happen in hotels every day, of various kinds or involving different people. It is usually difficult, especially in the case of larger hotels, to know who does what.
    • Having a directory of all positions, who occupies them and the possibility of communicating with each other openly or privately from the same place strengthens the relationship between employees, in addition to helping to put out fires.
  • Given the high turnover of employees, we must find a way to make new hires productive in the shortest possible time.
    • With collaboration software where there is previously information from the company, but also from the departments, this adaptation time is drastically reduced.

We save the best for the last post that will come out next week.

We will tell you what are the benefits of a collaboration software for hotels at a strategic level.

Until the next post colleagues!