With remote work boom, technologies that, although they already existed, were not popular in all industries, this is the case of digital collaboration tools or collaboration software.

The hotel sector has been forced to implement, in many cases in a hurry and overnight, technologies such as “Collaboration Software” that have become so fashionable in recent months. We have proposed to land the real application of these tools to the hotel sector. For this, we will divide the topic into a series of three posts.

In this first installment we will begin by detailing the value that Collaboration Software brings to companies.

colaboracion digital para equipos hoteleros

Source : Unspash Mitchell Luo

According to the technology newspaper ZDNet *, the values of digital collaboration are divided into three levels:

  • At a fundamental level:
    • overcome collaboration barriers such as distance or time
    • understand what other people on the team know
    • know the participation of each individual in the organization
    • create and obtain new knowledge or results
  • At a structural level:
    • earn benefits from previous collaborations
    • find the expertise within the company
    • promote team cohesion
    • speed up execution times
    • find and manage knowledge
    • sow and reap innovation
    • create more effective adaptation processes for new staff
    • have a deeper understanding of the organization
  • At a strategic level:
    • foster high-value results throughout the organization
    • promote better and more enriching business practices
    • cultivate organizational culture
    • make better business decisions faster
    • deal with exception scenarios
    • foster an aligned yet diverse culture
    • scale business processes more effectively with fewer resources
    • evaluate known and unknown scenarios at all times

We are aware that this approach lacks a good dose of reality, and we will give it to you in the next post in this series “Advantages of using digital collaboration software for teams in the hotel”.

*Fuente ZDNet.com