chartOk Hotel Collaboration Software sneaks into the 8 Travel Innovators to Watch list by Travel Massive last week.

The chartOk marketing team has been working hard looking for new partnerships and discovering new websites to expand our network. About 2 weeks ago they found Travel Massive.

Travel Massive is a global movement to connect people in the travel industry locally, bringing together leading travel brands, bloggers, startups, and travel insiders.

We recently created chartOk business Listing on Travel Massive and then last Friday we received the news that we were selected as one of the 8 Travel Innovators to Watch among thousand of great companies around the world. We knew it thanks to The community newsletter.

The lovely Travel Massive Team has included us, among other interesting startups in their companies’ highlighted list. Such privilege to us taking into account the thousands of companies that are listed every week, in more than 50 countries and categories, in this huge and amazing community.

They described chartOk as a mix between Slack and Asana but custom-built for hotels Here their point of view:

Think of Slack + Asana for hotel task management. No more sticky notes for Bob.

Travel Massive Team
  • Slack define themselves as the workspace “Where work happens“. It’s where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done.

Apart from Slack and Asana, chartOk´s fullest potential and definition should also include:

  • Corporate & Individual Communication
  • Employees Contact Directory
  • Employees File Management
  • Handbook, Support Docs, and Manuals
  • Vendors/Companies Contacts & Files
  • Among other great features for the Revenue Management, Front Office, and Sales Management team.

ChartOk´s Cofounder Luz Alvarado Said: In these moments where the Hotel Industry has been drastically hitten by the COVID-19 pandemic, for Joan and I, been recognized by the hospitality Travel Massive Community is an incentive to continue growing, improving and above all helping hotels to come back strengthened from this darkest times.

At ChartOk we know that hotel companies will raise stronger, more digitized, and with the new technologies to empower their employees to be more productive, work with a hotel technology made for their everyday work life, to get the most out of their daily performance while increasing revenues.

If you are a hotelier and want to know more about chartOk, get a free demo by clicking here.

About Travel Massive:

They aim to connect travel insiders in chapters in 100+ cities worldwide in 50+ countries. Travel Massive’s mission is to unearth and connect travel insiders in every city in the world to empower change in travel.

Learn more about the public plan at or join their worldwide community at