When we talk about conquering the future of work in hotels, we do not do so thinking about the hackneyed concept of digital transformation. Digitize, digitize, digitize that word that we hear so much, but that is almost as ephemeral as a reception shift the day you have 4 groups in the hotel (you hoteliers already get it 😉).

At chartok we refer to a real evolution, guided by reinforcing internal processes, increasing the productivity of hotel teams, applying a layer of simple, manageable, affordable technology available to everyone that leaves no one behind.

Here you have 3 keys to conquer the future of work in hotels.


  • Divide the processes into specific tasks with a person in charge, those involved, and a start and end date.

Define the step by step of each of the processes. Breaking it down into simple tasks helps your team measure progress and be aware of where everyone is. It is not the same that the receptionists have to “hand over the shift” to that they must:
a) make cash closing,
b) review early arrivals and late check-out,
c) verify the special attentions with room service,
d) report incidents to other departments…

Do you see how an abstract process divided into clear tasks seems easier to execute and allows, in turn, to delegate or distribute the work according to the people involved in it?

  • Identifies routine tasks, which always happen the same and are methodically executed in each shift.

The so-called “non-value-added tasks” remain essential in the daily operation of a hotel. The daily inspection of the rooms by the deputy housekeeper, or the inventory of expendable material in the bar before the start of each shift, guarantee maintaining customer satisfaction levels. But have you stopped to think about what other routine tasks your hotel team does?

Having a detailed list of these routine tasks by department helps you make shifts more efficient, so the employee is clear about what is essential to do during the shift, how long it takes and if they need to have another department or co-worker.

Identifying repetitive tasks in the hotel can improve planning, freeing up time for less mechanical tasks, or unforeseen events that arise during the shift. Automation makes the work of hotel staff more valuable.

Automatizacion de procesos en hoteles, futuro del trabajo

The last of these 3 keys to conquering the future of work in hotels is crucial.


  • Share clear information, at the right time, with the right people.

Information overload is as harmful as misinformation. In the operational areas of hotels, a single email is traditionally used for several people in a department, this causes employees to end up copied in so many crossed emails, that just filtering which messages are important or addressed to each one of them is an effort , an additional task per se.

The future of hotel work will be hybrid, segmented but collaborative, hotel departments must become an open space where information flows transversally, adding value to each process, each person and each situation.

Conquering the future of work goes hand in hand with technology but does not depend under any circumstances solely on it. 

automatizacion colaboracion trabajo en remoto hoteles

At chartOk we work hand in hand with independent hotels, hostels, medium-sized chains and all types of accommodation to facilitate:

The adoption of automation in daily processes
Collaboration and communication between departments
The implementation of artificial intelligence to anticipate what has to be done, when, how and who has to do it

Do you want to try it in your hotel accommodation?
I invite you to register for a free trial at the following link: https://app.chartok.com/register. Use the code “freemium“.