As a co-founder of chartOk, an entrepreneur woman and female leadership in the travel industry standard bearer, I can only thank the Travel Massive community for including me on this list “100 Inspiring Women Travel Founders”.

Luz Alvarado – CoFounder at chartOk

As expressed by the community editors:

As travel and tourism goes through a dark spell, we feel it’s important to shine a light on leaders in our industry we can look to for hope and resilience.

We’re publishing this list of 100 women entrepreneurs in the Travel Massive community to recognize their incredible achievements in creating positive change in travel, and in our industry.

These female founders have firmly made an impact in their respective fields — from tour companies, technology platforms, mobile apps, social enterprises, media and co-living spaces — and have paved the way for more women to be part of creating the future of travel.

💗 We’ll be celebrating their achievements, and we think you should, too.

You can check the full list of inspiring women leaders and founders here.

About chartOk:

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