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by Mirai

About Mirai

Mirai helps Hotels to boost direct sales on the Internet, providing services, advice and tools to compete with intermediaries in order to reduce its dependence and optimize hotel's results. Mirai Booking Engine allows great flexibility in the hotel's management, because it has all kinds of features like upselling, crosselling and geopricing; also it is integrated with the main PMS and channel managers and reports changes in reserves and inventory at any time and place by the Mirai Hotelier App.

The main features also include: easy incorporation to any kind of website, optimised to practicality and functionality, available in six languages, day to day schedule availability, prices and restriction management and advanced offers and packages system, restrictions options, comprehensive statistics and reports and full integration with Google Analytics and Adwords.




  • Activities Booking
  • Booking notes
  • Guest & Room Categorization
  • Multiple Rate Plans
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Single/Group Reservations
  • Third Party Booking
  • Direct Sales
  • GDS / OTA Integration
  • Channel Analytics

About Mirai

Services and technology company focused exclusively on hotel industry.

Since the beginning Mirai has tried to help hoteliers take most of the technology and internet. Mirai's main mision is to invest in technology and service business for hotels to anticipate the evolution and development or the internet so that hotels can benefit from products that most suits their real needs.

The products offered by Mirai include: Hotel Booking Engine for hotels that already have their website and they need a reliable, all-around, easy to use booking engine; official website oriented to hotels that want their website to have a quality design, generate bookings and hotel marketing services to maximize direct sales by investing in precence in search engines, Google Ads, Social Media or by hotel newsletter.


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Hotel Management Software

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