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About GNA Hotel Solutions

The RHOv8 Booking Engine from GNA Hotel's Solutions is fully integrated into the web and social networks. The tool has a powerful control panel that lets Hotel control the online corporate reputation; maximizing the benefits of the establishment from an optimal distribution price; decision-making optimization from sales data; and knowing the price of sales of-of the competition. Thsi Booking Engine solution also help hotel's operators to reap considerable economic benefits.

With the right marketing strategy, the booking engine helps increase direct bookings of your tourism service and the conversion rate of your website, not to mention the amount it saves on intermediary costs and fees.




  • Activities Booking
  • Booking notes
  • CRM
  • Multiple Rate Plans

About GNA Hotel Solutions

Gna Hotel Solutions is based in Girona, Spain and has two offices in Lleida and Madrid-Castile and León.

Backed by over 19 years of experience and a portfolio of over 200 customers in the tourism trade: tourism associations, hotel chains, family-run hotels, campgrounds, rural tourism accommodations, apartment rental agencies, and adventure and active tourism companies. They main objective is to help hotels to get lower distribution fees and costs through online retail sales so you can streamline your multi-channel marketing thanks to business intelligence implementation.

GNA services and technology for Hotel Industry includes: Booking engine, e-Marketing tools, Business Intelligence and Channel Manager.


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