Chartok - Real-time Info for Hoteliers.

What do We do?

Basically, we sell hospitality niche qualify leads. We connect software and services providers with hotels, hostels, Airbnb Rentals and/or any other special vacation rental category types.

Note: For Hoteltech software providers we will send potential buyers (leads), using only technology that integrates with them. That means that integration won´t become an issue during the purchasing decision.

How do we do it?

We created a marketplace and a search engine that allows hoteliers find the right tool's based on their hotel category, the number of rooms, the location, always taking into account the tools used by the hotels.

Our Goal:

Connect hoteliers and property managers with the right software and services providers adapted to their specific needs and property type. Help hoteliers to contact with hoteltech providers integrated with their operations, revenue and distribution Management tools.

A one-stop platform providing information to hoteliers within their real needs.


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