Chartok - Powerful real-time Info for Hoteliers

It’s not about spending money; it’s about choosing the right software and services providers adapted to your specific accommodation needs.

Chartok is a web app tool that connects you with thee right software and services providers.

There is too much information everywhere, provides you the right information adapted to your individual needs, considering your accommodation type, number of rooms, location and the technology you use.

  • Stop spending time with the software and services purchasing process.
  • Stop contacting with the wrong Software and Services Providers.
  • Stop wondering where to start improving your accommodation.

Build your hospitality sorftware and services chart from scratch, properly.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to connect hoteliers and property managers with the right software and services providers adapted to their property type. At the same time, help hoteliers contact the tech providers integrated with their Operations, Revenue and Marketing Management tools only.

A one-stop platform providing information to hoteliers within their real needs.

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